Degree Show

My work “Untitled” is a work that needs to interact with the audience. I can place some paper boxes on a shelf, and I replaced one side of each paper box with lens tissue that drew with some drawings related to the contents in the boxes. Then I will request the audience to choose one drawing from all the boxes, and then break lens tissue, take away the stuff in the box and leave whatever they have in the box., Then I will take away some damaged boxes and replace them with new ones every day after the exhibition. Next, I will create a story based on what the audience left in the box, my second-hand stuff, and my drawings. I will update these stories on my webfolio when the exhibition goes on and will continue to update it after the exhibition is finished. The reason I use this method is that I want the audience to see the process of my observation. On the other hand, I think it is also a good way to guide the audience to my website so that they can know more about my work


It is a floor-based installation of about 78×80cm and 80×55cm, but it is can be spliced to several smaller sections, so its size is changeable.



In the picture, I placed my work in the form of one side against the wall, because I could not find an appropriate place to put it at home. If in a real exhibition, I hope my works can be placed in the middle of space but place it against the wall. So that the boxes can be displayed as much as possible.



Initial plan:

15/3-22/3 Materials testing

23/3-30/4 Making body of the work Make appropriate adjustments after 30

After 30/4 Make some adjustments if necessary


Final time line:

15/3-09/4 Materials testing (at the beginning I tended to make boxes of various sizes by myself according to the specific size of the stuff in the boxes, so I bought many different white paper cards from several online shops, but they took longer time to arrive due to lockdown. Although I finally decided to buy paper boxes online instead of making them myself.

I have tested several different kinds of paper,like Glassine paper, tracing paper, and chosen lens tissue finally)

10/4-17/5 Making the body of the work, testing the materials (since I decided to make a shelf for these boxes with clay, I made the artworks while testing with clay. But finally decided not to use clay)

18/5 – 20/5: Draw examples of interactions with the audience.

After20/5: Take pictures of the work

Since this project requires the audience‘s interaction, I'm not sure when it will end, and it will be updated on this site


Budget:Papercard:29.93 × 2

                Glassine paper: 0.6

                Tracing paper: 0.2 × 2

                Paper boxes:12.99+16.03+15.99+10.99+2.89+6.8+5.08


                Lens tissue:9.79+17.85


                Mountboard: 8.97

                Total: 240.07